Botox For Hair

At present, you will find a large number of people talking about a new and innovative hair treatment out in the market and this is called Hair Botox. This hair treatment has been successful in garnering good attention of late because of its capacity of reversing the damage caused to hair cuticles and hair cortex while hydrating, straightening and giving a new lease of life to the hair strands. Hair Botox possesses the capability of transforming abused and hurt hair back to its natural and lustrous form just like the Botox procedure does it for the skin. This is basically a moisture-injecting process that makes your hair radiant, manageable and healthy.

Botox For HairHow is Hair Botox Different from Skin Botox?

Botox for hair should not be considered similar to Botox for the skin. Dissimilar to Botox injections, this form of miracle treatment is a little different. The treatment does not contain Botulinum. It is applied on hair to work like the magic created by Keratin treatment. Hair Botox penetrates into the hair cuticles and fills in the breakages and the gaps. It is very good at mending tears in hair follicles making way for tougher, shinier and sleeker strands.

What is Botox?

Keep in mind that having a bad hair day is not a one-time issue. It should be taken seriously and you must seek immediate help for this problem. With all the styling and coloring that you do, your hair cries out. Using a conditioner will not be enough to restore the health of your hair. It is important for you to go for Hair Botox because it reverts your hair back into its healthiest phase by repairing all internal damages, fixing tears, hydrating shrunken hair and plugging up the holes. Hair Botox consists of a formula that is rich in its protein content and helps in fixing imperfections in individual strands of hair by the use of active ingredients. It is basically a mixture of caviar oil, antioxidants, vitamins, proteins, healing agents and natural acids guaranteeing hair moisturization, nourishment and restoration from inside out. With this treatment, hair turns frizz-free; softer and further damage of hair shaft is also prevented.

Who can go for Hair Botox Treatment?

Hair Botox is a treatment that works on all hair varieties. All types of hair especially curly hair and straight hair will greatly benefit from the treatment. Noticeable results are delivered by this treatment for every individual who is in the look out of manageable and beautiful hair. Reasons why you might require botox for hair are as follows:

•    Your hair is damaged or dry.

•    Your lovely locks are frizzy and dehydrated.

•    Your hair looks lifeless and dull.

•    Your hair and your scalp have dandruff.

•    If you have hair that has gone through coloring, highlighting or trough bleaching.

•    Your hair has split-ends.

•    Your hair is overly straightened, styles or curled.

The Benefits Fetched from Botox for Hair

Hair Botox consists of acidic compounds making it very safe to be used without any harmful chemicals. It is a kind of smoothing treatment very similar to Keratin Hair Treatment. The treatment does not consist of parabens and formaldehydes. It works in the form of a deep conditioning hair mask that comforts your hair and does not hurt it in any ways. Undergoing this procedure establishes beautiful and healthy hair for a very long time. This treatment also comes as a remedy for psoriasis, dandruff and various other scalp specific conditions. It also helps in minimizing the loss of hair. As you can see there are a lot of potential positives to using botox for hair products.

The Treatment Procedure

The very first step involved in the treatment is the professional who is in-charge of administering the entire process, cleans your hair using a good quality clarifying shampoo. This strips the hair strands of open hair shaft cuticles and all residues. Next, the professional sections your hair and applies the product to the scalp and the hair allowing the product to soak for minimum 45 minutes. Your hair will be washed using sulfate-free shampoo once the product gets completely absorbed into your hair. Your hair will also be blow-dried very carefully ensuring no breakage. The professional then makes use of a flat iron for sealing the ingredients in the hair strands leading to silky, shiny, easy to style and healthy hair.

Do You Want A Softer And More Manageable Hair?

I’m sure you have heard about hair botox. It’s one of the most popular and sought after cosmetic treatments nowadays. A lot of celebrities seem to promote its usage and no longer afraid to admit that they had Botox on their face. And now it has taken another step. Botox is no longer for make your face and neck. It also works for your hair. Don’t believe me? Keep on reading to find out how.

Should You Consider One?

When you have a very dry and frizzy hair that no conditioner could help, then maybe you should consider getting botox for hair. First of all, it will give your hair extra softness and make it more manageable. More than that,  hair botox also will keep your scalp clean and have a better oil control. This means less dandruff issue for you. By the way, dandruff isn’t only problem for people with oily hair. Some people can have oily scalp even though their hair is dry and frizzy. Anyhow, unless your conditioner cannot do anything about your fizz issue, then yes, you should consider Botox for real.

Reviewing the Pros and Cons

Technically, there’s nothing counterproductive when you decided to have Botox for your hair treatment. But you need to remember that it’s not a cheap treatment, as it has to be renewed every six months. It’s because Botox is not a permanent solution and need to be injected after six month or so. Once you have tried it, you will feel the difference right away. Some people also will advocate natural remedies for frizzy hair. So, if you cannot afford regular Botox for at least twice, then maybe you should scrap the idea.

Again, ask yourself if you really need botox for hair. If it’s just frizzy hair that can be adjusted with a dollop of cream and conditioner, then you’re doing just fine. There’s no need for you to get the expensive treatment. Anyhow, hair botox is still considered as a safe quick fix. So in general, you have nothing to worry about. In case you’re really curious to try it at once, you could give a call to a local beauty clinic. Make sure that the doctor is legit and have all proper certifications. You also could have some consultation sessions with them before the actual procedure. There’s no harm from taking an extra precaution. All in all, good luck on taking the procedure.